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Youshun Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1990, focusing on R&D, design, manufacturing, packaging, testing and marketing of analog ICs and discrete components. In order to provide customers with complete solutions and competitive price advantages, the company's business strategy adopts the vertical integration of IDM resources, hoping to give customers the best choice and create the greatest economic benefits for customers.

IDM adopts a proactive approach, from product research and development, design, manufacturing, packaging, testing to brand marketing, and fully grasps its independent capabilities at every key point, so as to achieve production capacity assurance and technological independence, and fully demonstrate corporate competitiveness.

Youshun Technology has a complete product line of analog components, and the products are mainly IC

(including cover power management, power driver, LED driver chip, LED power supply, operational amplifier, comparator, digital power amplifier, logic IC, etc.),

Discrete devices are supplemented (including cover low-voltage MOS tube, high-voltage MOS tube, super-junction MOS, fast recovery diode, diode, triode, Schottky, triac, thyristor, etc.),


下箭头.png Linear Regulator

下箭头.png diode

下箭头.png triode

下箭头.png MOS field effect transistor

下箭头.png SCR

下箭头.png Logic IC

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