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TDK is a well-known brand in the electronics industry, and has always held a leading position in electronic raw materials and components. The founders of TDK, Dr. Kato Yugoro and Takei Takei, founded Tokyo Denkikagaku Kogyo K.K in 1935 after inventing ferrite in Tokyo. The name was formerly known as the Department of Electrochemistry, Tokyo Institute of Technology. , Dr. Kato Yogoro and Dr. Takei Takei, teach in the Department of Electrochemistry of the University. In 1983, the name was officially changed to the current TDK Corporation, taking the initials of the original name Tokyo (Tokyo) Denki (electricity) Kagaku (chemical), and began to engage in the commercial development and operation of the magnetic material.

TDK product features

In order to realize the miniaturization and large capacity of multilayer ceramic chip capacitors, we pursue the ultra-miniaturization of particle size through advanced material technology. Using our unique process technology, we have established a high-level build-up technology with no dislocation of the dielectric layer and electrode layer, and a multi-layer technology of up to 1,000 layers. The interlayer thickness of 1 layer reaches the sub-micron level. By pursuing thinning and multi-layering, even with an extremely small chip size, it is possible to achieve a large capacitance close to that of a tantalum capacitor and high reliability at the same time.


下箭头.pngTDK Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors

下箭头.pngTDK Automotive Grade Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors

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